Thermal insulation Working Principle

The Heat is an energy , transmits in three ways , conduction , convection , radiation . Through the high temperature to low temperature transfer , and ultimately achieve the dynamic balance of average temperature

Conduction: Air is a poor conductor of heat conduction . The air layer is the best material of anti-heat conductive. Such as snow suits , blankets , etc . all use air layer

Convection: Occurs in the material , like liquid , gas . Therefore , codings need to be installed on the high palce , andheating need to be put on the ground ( lower ) , Its principle is using of thermal convection transmission , to achieve uniform temperature as soon as possible

Radiation: The suns radiation do not tansmit to the Earth through any substance. Aluminurcan reflect 97%of radiant heat ( Emission Rate E = 0 . 03 ) , Aluminum foil insulation material is the best ideal to the anti-heat radiant

Characteristics and Advantages:

R-value can reach 7.9 , Different heat flow direction has different R-Value

Double sides of pure aluminium foil (99.4%) ,can Reflective 97% radiant ,heat

Uncontinuous air cell , can slow down the heat transfer and block the heat convection 

The material can not burn -self ,and not support burn , Fire-resisting Rate:Class A

It will not absort any water ,Be unaffected by the humidity and moister

Be cut easily(knife) ,be fixed conviently (paste, Staple ) , DIY by yourself

Lighter and thinner ,will not be the burden of the construction,good for new and

Do not become mildewed, incorruption (pure aluminium foil )

Non-toxic,recycled materials,Resuable Materia

Cheap and Economic, healthy and environmental

keep cool and dry in Summer ,Keep warm and dry in Winter

Keeping your home warmer by between 6-8 degrees

Most popular FAQ among customers

● It is a common misconception that all insulation must be thick to perform well. A thicker insulation will always have a higher R-Value than a thinner insulation due to density, but R-Value does not measure all types of heat transfer. Thickness has little effect on radiant heat transfer, it is only efficiently blocked through reflection. For this type of heat transfer, a thinner reflective material can easily provide better thermal performance than a thicker non-reflective product with a higher R-Value.

● Reflective insulation is an excellent solution to condensation problems in basements or metal
buildings. The thermal break provided by the air space prevents warm, moist air inside a building
from interacting with cold air on the same surface. When installed properly, with taped seams,
condensation will not occur on the surface of the reflective insulation.

● Insulation provides increased comfort, energy savings, condensation control and light reflectivity.In a building or warehouse that is not heated or air-conditioned, it is necessary to insulate in order to avoid heat gain in the summer as well as prevent condensation problems inside the building.
The fact that the warehouse is not air-conditioned is even more reason to install our insulation material .

● Our insulation material will stop 96% of radiant heat, which is often overlooked and misunderstood, largely due to the fact that R-Values do not take it into account. However, radiant heat transfer is responsible for up to 75% of total building heat loss through the roof and 93% of heat that is gained from outdoors into the house through the roof’s surface. Traditional insulation products such as fiberglass, cellulose and foam board are effective in reducing convective and conductive heat transfer, but do very little to prevent radiant heat transfer. If used our insulation material ,Radiant heat energy can be reflected mostly .

● Reflective insulation is made from polyethylene and aluminum. Both of these materials are very environmentally stable and do not biodegrade quickly.

● Our products are very easy to work with. For most applications, the only tool requirements are a pair of scissors and a staple gun. All standard applications are easy Do-It-Yourself projects where you and one other person can complete an entire job in a short amount of time .Traditional
insulation products often require the use of safety masks and gloves during installation due to the actual fiberglass or off-gassing. Reflective insulation does have a limited amount of off-gassing, but at a much lower percentage and a much safer level.

Thermal insulation application

Taiyue material works well in hot and clod climates.

Pole Barn Insulation ,Metal Building Insulation, Attic Insulation ,Garage Insulation, Roof Insulation, Basement Insulation ,Crawlspace Insulation, Radiant Floor Insulation ,Wall Insulation, Air Duct Insulation

Solar pool cover

Blue pool cover is the most popular , will extend the swimming season and save money on chemical and water replacement due to a evaporation,save cleaning cost ,help keep our leaves and dirt,reduce pool heating costs,the main purpose is to trap the heat of the water under the cover at the daytime and prevent heat from escaping at the cool night or cloudy days.