Building Thermal Insulation

Foil Insulation,Radiant Barrier,Reflective Foil Insulation,Bubble Foil Insulation is widely used in roof, walls, garage, attic insulation. It has great insulation performance. Contact us for product certification.

Solar pool cover

Pool Solar Cover & Pool Cover Roller . They are popular not only in domestic but also at abroad ,such as USA ,Chile , Australia ,South Africa , Germany, France ,UK ,Netherland ,Norway , Russia ,Ukraine and other European countries .

China Manufacturer

We have been in the marketplace of thermal insulation material for more than 20 years.with excellent management team,professional production,stable raw materials’suppliers, we guarantee the best quality & the bottom price!

Qingdao Taiyue Composite Material CO., LTD

Foil Insulation,Radiant Barrier,Reflective Foil Insulation,Bubble Foil Insulation(foil foam insulation, foil woven cloth, multi layer insulation for Roof, Wall and Floor; Aluminum foil for lamination ); Swimming pool solar cover for the swimming pool.

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97% Reflectivity Thermal Insulation Material

√ Aluminum Foil Bubble Insulation
√ Aluminum Foil Foam Insulation
√ Aluminum Foil Woven Fabric Radiant Barrier
√ Multi-layers Insulation
√ PE coated Metalized PET Film & Aluminum Foil

20 Years

Manufacturing Experience For Building Insulation

Thermal insulation/Reflective bubble foil insulation

Solar pool cover

Benefits of a TAIYUE Solar Pool Cover
√ SAVE on water, up to 10,000L per month. Improves water retention.
√ SAVE on chemicals. Reduce salt and chemical use by up to 50%.
√ SAVE money. Higher quality. Better design. Lasts longer.
√ STOP evaporation. Reduces evaporation by 99%.
√ SAVE on cleaning. Helps keep out dirt and leaves.
√ SAVE on time. Rolls off and on in 30 seconds.
√ SAVE on heat loss. Reduced heating costs and heat loss.
Warms your pool by up to 8ºC for free.
Made in China.

Solar pool cover

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