Woven Solar Pool Cover

Woven Solar Pool Cover

● Stronger, more durable material
● Free heat gain and more retain heat
● Reduce water evaporation by 98%+
● Reduce energy consumption
● Reduce chemical consumption
● Reduce debris


Woven Solar Pool Cover

Blue(White/Sliver) woven cloth + blue quadruple bubbles is the most conventional and best-selling combination. While heating the water, it increases the weight of the cover and prevents it from being blown off by the wind. It is more wear resistant and has a longer service life than ordinary pool covers. It can increase your pool temperature by up to 7°C—10°C.

This product has been engineered specifically to maximize heat retention through carefully tailored reflective properties. Identifiable immediately from its silver top layer and blue quadruple bubble, unique properties work to actively reduce heat losses from a pool’s surface by up to 57% and is the perfect choice for any heated or enclosed pool.

maximizing pool temperature whilst simultaneously inhibiting algae growth is now possible with our award-winning Taiyue Selective Transmission material. Engineered specifically to maximise daily solar gains whilst also helping to reduce pool costs, covering your pool with Taiyue Selective Transmission can increase your pool temperature by up to 7°C and reduce chemical treatment costs by as much as 60%. Find out more about Taiyue here.

All of our normal type pool covers are available with the option of a woven top surface. This additional layer provides extra strength and durability to your cover, while continuing to provide the product-owned benefits. There is no need to sacrifice cover performance for strength when covering larger pools

Woven solar pool cover

White Woven solar pool cover

Blue Woven solar pool cover