TONTAIN 16mil400μm 12X24FT/14X28FT/15X30FT/16x32FT Rectangle Blue Quadruple Bubble Solar Pool Cover Hot Tub Blanket for In-Ground Above-Ground Swimming Pools Both Sides PVC Bundle Edge and Al Buckle Heating with Sun Power

  • The patented pattern design. The thickness of 16mil 400μm can absorb more heat, make the water temperature rise faster or more effectively keep warm, and the sun’s rays can better transfer heat to the water through the air bubbles.
  • Preventing 95% of pool water evaporation with the use of a solar cover. Keeping your pool covered lessens the vast amount of water lost in the environment. Fill up your swimming pool less.
  • Made of PE material, Use high-grade PVC material for edge treatment, the product looks more beautiful, the process uses multiple stitches and aluminum buckle treatment. Compared with the traditional one or two stitches, multiple stitches can increase the durability of the product. You can also use it with a winder, or you can use it only with a rope tied into the hole.If your pool is uniquely shaped, easy to trim with scissors, and easier to deal with than a big foam cover.
  • Durable for outdoor use, Our pool covers are waterproof and won’t be damaged by soaking in water or sunshine, You can reuse them next year.
  • AFTER-SALE service, If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, contact us reply to you within 24 hours to solve your problem.
  • TONTAIN SOLAR POOL COVER keeping your pool relatively free and clear of dirt and other pollutants.
  • TONTAIN SOLAR POOL COVER Not only will it generate free heat from the Sun but also slow down cooling and help reduce evaporation. In some cases can result in as much as an 8- 10°C temperature rise in approximately 5-7 days of consistent sunlight. With a heat pump, heat loss can be effectively reduced, and the energy-saving effect will be bolstered.
  • TONTAIN SOLAR POOL COVER can reduce water evaporation by up to 95%, which in turn reduces your water use. There’s no need to rack up a bigger water bill throughout the summer.